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3D Alignment

Misalignments can significantly reduce machine performance and ultimately lead to machine failure.

ROTATEK can help reduce overall operating costs and increase equipment efficiency, reliability, productivity and longevity with our precision 3D laser alignment services.  Call us for a free consult.​

Geometric Laser Measurement and Alignment Applications:  

  • 2D and 3D Geometric Laser Measurements and Alignments
  • LevelnessFlatness, Straightness, Plumbness
  • ​ParallelismConcentricity, Perpendicularity​, Angularity
  • ​Radial Measurements, Axial Measurements
  • Shaft Alignments, Bore Alignments, Roller Alignments
  • Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Wind Turbines, Compressors
  • Electric Motors, Engines, Generators, Pumps
  • ​Extruders,  Gearboxes, Machine Tools


   3D Alignment

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