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Hansford Sensors

  • Accelerometers
  • Velocity Sensors
  • 4-20mA Sensors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Installation Hardware
  • BNC Junction Boxes
  • Transmitters
  • Test Equipment
  • Vibration Switch

​About Hansford Sensors USA

Hansford Sensors USA offers a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial vibration sensors and systems for applications throughout industry including: metals, pharmaceuticals, wind power, marine, paper, mining and quarrying and food and beverage. Hansford Sensors USA manufactures and supplies vibration measurement equipment to over 50 countries worldwide. Their products deliver measurable improvements in the performance and efficiency of your industrial and process plant by providing vibration diagnostics that support predictive and preventative maintenance on key equipment such as fans, pumps, motors and gearboxes.


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